Sunday, November 13, 2011

Household cleansers cause cancer

This is an article about the household cleansers you are using everyday and how harmful they can be.

Celadon Road has a all natural cleaners, some with only 5 ingredients that you can acutally read and you wouldn't be afraid to taste!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Welcome to my Celadon Road blog.  I am an independent consultant with  Celadon Road.  It is a great company that offers quality natural, eco-friendly products for your everyday needs.  You can feel good about purchasing products with a purpose.  It is a company that believes when thousands of people begin to make small changes it will have a huge impact on our world today and in the future.  Thank you to Kimberly Cornwell, founder of Celadon Road, for making this opportunity available!
Here on this blog I will be highlighting monthly product specials.  I will have articles about that will inform you of the good qualities of natural and organic products as well as inform you about the bad chemicals that are hiding in the products you are using now.  You never know when I will offer a special blog discount!  So take a look around.